A native of Michigan, Jason released his first album “The Arteries EP” in 2008. The album was a collection of songs he wrote while living and working in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The EP was originally supposed to be an “acoustic guitar” only album with Jason performing the songs as he would live, but when producer/drummer Mark Damian heard the demos he decided help develop the recordings into something a little more.

The result was an album that captured Jason’s ability to see the songs as something bigger, something with layers and texture. People used to seeing Jason perform live where surprised to hear a fully produced album featuring Damian’s outstanding drumming and Jason’s approach to the electric guitar.

Now with Chemicals, his first full length release, you will experience an album that is up close and personal. The record was years in the making with Jason performing all of music on the album. His new approach led to adding synths, keyboards, and vocal layers to the “space pop” sound that was the foundation of “Arteries”. Chemicals tells the story of our vulnerability as individuals and how you can never give up and affter the piano line finishes the epic title track “Chemicals” the listener is left right where they were before the album started. Alive.